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Services/Info for Students


View the DGP’s calendar and make appointments
Masters students: for academic advice (on courses, plan of work, CPTs, etc) contact your Graduate Advisor using this alias:
Graduate program event calendar (upcoming PhD and Masters exams, seminars and colloquia, and important graduate program events)
Academic calendar for graduate students (maintained by the Graduate School)
Credit transfers for Masters and Graduate Certificate Students
View your seminars attended
Registration in research credits (“department approval required” courses)
Schedule Revision After Census Day
Resources for Students (On- and Off-Campus)


On-Campus Employment Opportunities for Masters Students

Off-Campus Employment Opportunities

For International Students

Approval of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) applications (international students)
Requesting skills verification (for alumni)
Signed department letter concerning standard duration of Masters degrees
Requesting a letter of academic standing (late returns / missing class

Information and Announcements

Graduate School Procedures

Requesting leaves of absence
Academic difficulty
Providing Transcripts
Degree changes or additions
Performing a Graduate Degree Audit for ABM Program Participants
Graduation and “checkout”
Transfer credits and core course requirements

Specifically for PhD Students

Fellowship opportunities
Credit transfers and course waivers for new students
Help with effective technical communication (and English language resources)
Procedure to add the MS “En Route”
Tuition Support Past GSSP Eligibility
Choosing an Advisor

Email Archives

Archive of postings to csc-gradstd-admin mailing alias
Archive of postings to csc-phds mailing alias
Archive of postings to csc-masters mailing alias
Archive of postings to csc-gradstd mailing alias