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DGP Calendar

Office Hours For Students

During Spring 2024, my office hours are from 1:30-2:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You are welcome to make an appointment (see below), or simply walk in during that time. Walk-ins will be handled first-come, first-served between appointments, which have priority. If you need to meet me outside of those times, contact me and we’ll arrange a suitable time. My contact information is:

Office: 2306 EB-II
Phone number: 919-515-3860

I request that you not simply “pop in” outside of office hours; although convenient for you, it makes focusing on other work difficult for me.


  1. You will need to have an NC State account or a Google account in order to make an appointment with this calendar, and be logged into that account to see the available times.
  2. Pick a 10 minute time slot that is still available during the designated office hours
  3. In the “DESCRIPTION” box, indicate your name, your student ID (if you have one), email address, and a brief purpose for the appointment (e.g., “Course advising”, “CPT”, “Leave request”, “Personal”, “Funding”, “Misc”, etc.). Other persons will not be able to see that you specifically have made an appointment, or what the purpose is; they will only be able to tell that the timeslot is occupied.
  4. You may cancel an appointment yourself. “No shows” may prevent other students from having a chance to make an appointment. Simply delete the appointment from your own Google calendar, and it will be deleted from my calendar as well, automatically freeing up the slot.

Click here to make an appointment